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Setting up Internet access in your home can make all the difference to the health of you and your family. And this is just one factor to consider.

I remember learning that the wireless router, installed so we could access the Internet throughout the house, was a health hazard. I had no idea. The science was strong and shocking. As a mother, of course I am used to feeling guilty, but I shuddered when I realized how I had unknowingly put all of us in harm’s way.

Quite honestly, I found it a lot to take in, so I understand if you are feeling overwhelmed. I did go from being duped to determined and resolved to use my skills as a health educator to alert others. I have been working steadily ever since; sometimes inspired; often discouraged.

You can contact me for a phone consultation and we offer other services, as well – see below.

Services & Events

It has taken me several years of intensive research to sort out the science, simplify the information and find the most effective and affordable ways to keep connected and healthy, as we say. I am available to answer your questions and advise you on: do-it-yourself, and professional, testing of your home and/or office, also on safer-tech solutions – best and worst: Internet access, mobile phones, headsets, baby monitors, light bulbs, cars and more – dealing with electro-sensitivity and other related symptoms, and all the topics addressed on this site, and in the book. Note: there is a fee for this consultation.

No events scheduled at the moment.

We offer video presentations via Skype or Webinars to your group. One of the benefits of this digital age is that there are non-travel options. Many of the members of our team are available to present to your meeting, group via Skype or video conferencing and to answer questions from the participants. Please contact us for details.

We offer in-person presentations and seminars. Let us know if you want to set up a presentation in your community. These can vary in length and focus. Travel expenses and a fee will need to be covered. We will do our best to find someone in your area who can provide the expertise you need.

We offer use of our PowerPoint presentations – with or without narration. There are extensive presentations on this issue covering the topics addressed in this book. They can focus on Wi-Fi in schools, for example, or why your community does not want a cell tower near your children’s school. Note: these cannot be used to promote products that may, or may not, reduce health risks.

We offer on-site EMR assessments by members of our technical team and their associates. All of the the technical experts (see Our Team page) are available to conduct on-site assessments and make recommendations. While you can do much of this on your own, it is essential to know what you are doing, have the proper testing equipment – all of this is detailed in the book.

While I, nor any of the team, cannot give you specific health advice, I can offer support, answer your questions, give you guidelines in creating a safer-tech environment for you and your family – and your staff – and direct you to other resources. Please contact me via this website to set up an appointment – I am on Pacific Time.

Contact us via the CONTACT form to inquire about consultation fees


Refund/Return Policy. Please contact us via the Contact Form on this site if you are not satisfied with your online purchase so we can discuss the best way to refund your money. 2176 Windsor Rd, Victoria, BC – Refunds are not offered on downloads unless there has been a problem. All e-book and online print book sales are handled through Amazon, Kindle, and CreateSpace websites so you would contact them for returns.

Security and Privacy Policy. Your privacy is our priority. We do NOT share, in any way,  any of your personal information and our site is well secured.


What Client’s Say

After reading this book I found the information so compelling, that I decided to make some immediate changes.
Corinne S.
Thank you to Dr. Crofton for spending the time creating such a book!
Melissa R.
As I unplugged more myself, I was sleeping much better and had more energy.
Charles G.
it is extremely informative and I highly recommend it, especially if you are just beginning to look into how and why EMF exposure could be harmful.
Alexander B., Pre-med student
There is an urgency in educating humans to reduce this invisible danger in their lives. This book serves this purpose.
Georgia P.